Pen vs Pad

I worked with a teacher who often used the phrase, “I’m old school”, and indeed she was in so many ways!!  She used the phrase as a defense and as a victory cry, depending on the circumstance. If her scores were good it was because she was teaching “old school”.  If she didn’t want to learn the new technology or listen to new ideas: “old school”.

At times, I can be “old school” myself, especially when it comes to pouring my thoughts out in words. I want a pen in my hand and a clean page in my journal . I want to choose my font  and size based on what I want to express. Using the pen is a clue to my thinking, my emotions, my expression.  When I look back at my journal writing, my handwriting reveals more about myself than just the words.  If I am being reflective and philosophical, I tend to use my best cursive with a neutral color ink: black or blue. If I am being creative, it is colorful with words that are printed large and bold or small and precise.  It might have lots of curlie Q’s and doodles.  Worship and praise to my Father is always flows out in print and in the form of poetry.  Confusion, frustration, anger and even joy are expressed with lines that may go in all directions and be all shapes and sizes smeared with a tear or two that has made its own expressive mark on the page. I think I will always be “old school” first when it comes to writing, but that is not to say I will limit myself.

This blog  is definitely not “old school”, although for the more technologically advanced it may be. For me, it is a new way to send out my voice to anyone who wants to hear it. It is definitely a step out of my comfort zone, but I find it exciting and inspiring. It is helping me to think about other topics and ideas and put them into words; it’s another step in helping me be a better writer. So I embrace this endeavor knowing that soon enough it will become “old school” too.


3 thoughts on “Pen vs Pad

  1. Congratulations! I eagerly look forward to your future posts. I will happily go alongside you and be blessed and perhaps challenged by your missives. Be blessed in this new venture!


    1. Mary Lou, you have always been a master with words; you are one of my inspirations to write! Are you still blogging and how do I link to your site? Love you, sister!


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